Welcome to Shahnaz Husain Franchise Salon, a world renowned Beauty Salon and Herbal Beauty products manufacturing group now in Kuwait for you…....


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We offer a wide range of beauty services

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skin Care

Customized for your skin type

Hair Care

That highlights your crowning glory and enhances confidence

Body Care

To reflect your inner beauty


We offer a wide range of Products

Our Products

The Shahnaz Husain product range has over 350 exclusive products in 20 distinct categories for skin, hair and body care

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The expertize of the renowned Shahnaz Husain Group in treating skin and scalp problems


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Our Contacts

Shahnaz Husain Franchise Salon
Building No.6, 2nd Floor, Block No.10,
Al Qatami Street, Wish Wash Laundry Building, Salmiya, Kuwait.

Phone Number + 965 25615712
Mobile No. + 965 51726622

info@shahnazhusainkw.com, www.shahnazhusainkw.com


Ayur Spa welcomes you to a world of Rejuvenation, Healing and Beauty through the Indian legacy "Ayurveda".
Our Body Spa, Hair Spa and Salon caters modern Spa Therapies and Beauty Concepts which increases your Health and Beauty Confidence.
Inspired by the concept
"A Healthy Mind In A Healthy Body "